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Countrywide Roofing LLC

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Houston Roof Restoration, Spring Roof Repair, or Tomball Roof Replacement? Hail damage in Austin? Call Countrywide, today!

Here in Texas, we are quite familiar with the wrath of Mother Nature, Over time, the elements of the sun, rain, wind and hail will really give your roof a test of resilience. Shingles will loosen, and decay and normal wear will also affect even the highest quality of roofing materials, over time. You may have also suffered storm damage, a fallen tree, or simply a leak. So, it becomes a question to the homeowner: Do I need to replace my roof, or do I simply need a repair? Well, at Countrywide Roofing LLC, we are very happy to assess this question for you, for free. We offer FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS & FREE ESTIMATES in the North Houston area to help you determine which route to go.

A roof repair may be all that you need, especially in the event of a single affected area of your roof. Roof leaks can happen to any roof, regardless of how old it is. If it is found that you've had a small leak, in one area, it may be possible to perform the necessary repairs by replacing the underlying roof structure, the decking & underlayments, as well as replace any shingles or sections of the roof in the locale of the leak. Or, if you've had a fallen tree, the same repair procedure may apply.  

Strong storms with hail, high winds, and bad weather can cause severe roof damage. Often, this damage is not easily visible. That's when a free roof inspection, from Countrywide Homes LLC, is needed. Strong winds may have blown off sections of your roofing and heavy rains may cause leaking. A few signs that you could have a roof repair need are: rising energy costs, exterior mold / mildew / deterioration, cracking / curling or loose shingles, dark spots on your roof, attic leaks, stains on walls or ceiling, or bubbling / cracking paint. If you are in need of a substantial repair, it is very important that you have a roofing contractor present when your roof is inspected by the insurance adjuster. A good roofing contractor can point out any damages that the adjuster may have overlooked. 

If it does turn out that you are in need of an entire roof replacement, Countrywide Roofing LLC will walk you through the process. You will need roof re-decking (also known as a tear off) to be performed. This involves tearing off the existing shingles and replacing the structural substrate (usually plywood or oriented strand board.) After the plywood or OSB is replaced, we install a new underlayment, a radiant barrier if needed, and then, your new roof. This process will usually take several days. Our roofing professionals will take good care to protect the grounds of your home and, after the work is completed, we will inspect our work to be sure it's 100% repaired.

Whatever your roofing needs may turn out to be, you'll be happy you called the North Houston Roof Company of Countrywide Roofing LLC, for your FREE INSPECTION & FREE ESTIMATE! 832 466 4984 in Houston or 281 217 8593 in Austin.