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Countrywide Roofing LLC

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Free Roof Inspection Texas - Free Roof Repair Estimates

Wondering if your roof is still in good condition? If your home has weathered high winds, excessive rain, hail, or any type of storm damage in the Houston area, Countrywide Roofing LLC will be happy to give you a complimentary roof analysis. We will send a professional Houston area roofer who will evaluate the current condition of your roof and give you the honest advice you need regarding what repairs can be made, or if a new roof replacement is required. Our roofing specialist will analyze the home inside and out. The interior of the home should be checked for water spots on ceilings and / or walls. Attic ventilation should be measured as well as inspecting the attic intake vents for blockage. Also, the attic interior should be checked for moisture or dry rot, insulation checked for proper "R" value, roof pipes / vents should be properly sealed, roof checked for cracks and / or surface deterioration. As for the exterior, we will check flashings at all walls, chimneys, and penetrations. If there is any torn underlayment, that will need addressing, as well. It's a painstaking process to properly assess the damage and one that Countrywide Roofing LLC is happy to do with no obligation. We will also be happy to give you a free estimate for the suggested repairs.

Once we have had a chance to come analyze your roof, we can begin to compose you a detailed estimate for the roofing services suggested. If you need assistance with your insurance company, we will be happy to help you negotiate the best and highest degree of service & repair through them. Countrywide Roofing LLC is a competitive roofing company that will work hard to provide you with the highest quality workmanship to ensure that your new roof or roof repair will last as long as possible. Our prices are affordable and we want your business. We also want you 100% satisfied as we want your referral! Feel free to contact us today, and be on your way to a better roof over your head!

832 466 4984.